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Dec 7, 2017

BCDC [BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY]more than 64 Million tokens sold

About BCDC

We are a global, decentralised startup with a UK based management team. Our aim is to resolve real world challenges by leveraging the power of Blockchain Technology to prepare for a better Tomorrow. Our core focus will be to provide Blockchain Development Services to companies and develop multiple sets of distributed applications (DApps) over the Ethereum Blockchain; to solve trust, inefficiency and fraud issues in various industries like Renewable Energy, Recycling, Food Tracking & Provenance and more in the future.


Our first two blockchain platforms will be developed simultaneously and will be live and running within six months.
This will be a first for a blockchain startup.
Our first platform ( EcoChain ) is to be developed concurrently with our RecycleToCoin project. It will use smart contracts and wallet technology to enable everyone to invest in and get a financial return from privately financing renewable energy projects. While this is developed we will use traditional crowdfunding in FIAT and CRYPTOCURRENCY to launch a floating solar farm in the UK as well as other renewable projects in the UK, Europe & the Americas. This will prove the digital-wallet to funding-project model.

The Second of our concurrent platform projects ( RecycleToCoin ) will be a voucher-based digital coin reward system for renewable drink containers operating in the UK. This will be up and running and trialed in just two months’ time before our ITS even launches. This is to prove our skill-set and delivery. This Project can be scaled globally very quickly due to the help of our reverse vending machine partner. (this project will be first to market and will help save our Oceans and planet's resources by incentivising our children to recycle and be rewarded for it. By giving a Digital Token reward which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ether we will be teaching them to adopt and use the money of the future.) 

Once these two projects are live we will begin our FoodTrax project and, at the same time, we will offer our Blockchain development services to forward thinking companies in 11 different industries to enable them to get a jump on their competitors by providing blockchain application solutions tailored and built for them.


The Management, Development and Advisory team are a seasoned group of experts in their own field; all working together to produce the best projects in Blockchain. We have experienced Entrepreneurs to manage the day to day running of the business combined with Developers from around the globe. Add to this; a group of companies and individuals who will advise us and are also expert in their field and you come up with a group who can actually Start, Run, Develop and grow a Blockchain Company.
(some of our individual advisers are expert in their field and choose to either remain anonymous or their advise is dependent upon it. We will not leverage their reputation but we will heed their advise. After our ITS we will reveal all individual advisers who have paid positions on an ongoing basis)

Blockchain Development Company
272 Bath Street
Glasgow G2 4JR
Office Hours:09.00 to 17.00 (Mon to Fri),,
0141 354 7626

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